Top 10 Mysterious Places in California that you must visit

San Diego (The Whaley House)

In its history, it served as a city courtyard, a general store, a theatre, a morgue, and a granary.It was also home to Thomas Whaley and his family, who are said to have lived in the old mansion since his death.

Alcatraz (San Francisco)

The famous maximum security prison located in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary earned a reputation as one of the most brutal and inhumane prisons in the country during its heyday. Today, visitors flock to this tourist attraction which many experts believe to be haunted.

Battery Point Lighthouse

This iconic lighthouse in Crescent City, California was built in 1856 and although it survived the tsunami of 1964 that devastated this northern California city, there’s been numerous reports of strange and eerie occurrences.

The Queen Mary

Permanently docked in Long Beach, the Queen Mary was once a luxury ocean liner and a WWII Ferry Ship. She sailed from 1936 to 1967 and today those who visit can enjoy the ship’s museum, a hotel and any of several restaurants. But for those who have a desire to discover the secrets of the supernatural, this unique California attraction delivers in a big way. Here, it’s not unusual to hear the sounds of ghostly

The Hotel del Coronado

A legendary hotel that’s been hosting guests since 1888, the Hotel del Coronado is one of those historic places that has centuries of stories to tell. But the one that’s most interesting to ghost hunters is the story of a young bride named Kate Morgan who checked into the hotel in 1892 and never checked out

Bodie State Historic Park 


Spanning 500 acres in Mono County, about 75 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe, Bodie is a Gold Rush–era ghost town frozen in time. More than 100 structures remain, as do the supposed spirits of prospectors.

Moaning Cavern

Named for the wailing sound air once made passing through the cave  this Calaveras County wonder is also a site for some of America’s most ancient remains. Bones up to 12,000 years old have been discovered here, and many believe that the cavern is home to prehistoric paranormal activity.

Winchester Mystery House


A door that leads to nowhere and a staircase that dead ends into the ceiling? It’s said that widow Sarah Winchester designed the house this peculiar way to confuse the ghosts: men killed by her late husband’s creation, the Winchester rifle

Point Sur Lighthouse

FiThis picturesque lighthouse has been illuminating the waters off the coast of Big Sur since 1889. Perhaps it’s the original keeper who some believe still visits the site in his original uniform. Moonlight tours are available for the brave and the curious.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

Stay at this swanky hotel for a chance to glimpse one of the most glamorous ghosts of all time. It’s said that Marilyn Monroe herself still haunts the halls. Guests have also reported mysterious trumpet music believed to be the spirit of Montgomery Clift who liked to practice in suite 928.

Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, Eureka

Overlooking a rugged bluff in Humboldt Bay, this former fort’s remote location in Humboldt County lends an eerie air. The real draw, however, is the supposed ghost of a deceased commander who succumbed to malaria in 1897 and now stares out hospital windows as hikers stroll past.


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