Top 10 Horror Places in California


The Queen Mary, Long Beach, is a ship, decommissioned from sailing and converted into a hotel

10. The Queen Mary, Long Beach


Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel opened in 1927.Oscar award ceremonies took place here too. Notwithstanding its star-studded history, the hotel has a spooky side. Marilyn Munroe’s ghost haunts room 1200. 

9. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles


Old Mission Santa Barbara is a property founded by Franciscan missionaries in 1786. Both the local inhabitants and visitors believe that ghosts in this graveyard come out and wander around the property. 

8. Old Mission Santa Barbara


Alcatraz Island is a historic icon and one of the most visited places in California. It hosts a maximum-security prison where some of the most dangerous criminals were held

7. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco


Point Sur Lighthouse, Big Sur, stands on solid volcanic rock, Sounds of ghosts have been recorded on site.

6. Point Sur Lighthouse, Big Sur


Whaley House sits at the place where a notorious thief Yankee Jim Robbins was hanged. Thomas Whaley bought this land, the house in which it stayed was bad

5. Whaley House, San Diego


Battery Point Lighthouse has been keeping ships safe since 1856. It has withstood strong winds and ocean waves for centuries. In 1964, a tsunami swept across the area, but the lighthouse stood its ground. It is said that a soul protects it. 

4. Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City


It is named after Sarah Lockwood Winchester. Following her husband’s demise in 1881, she consulted a spiritualist to communicate with his spirit. The story has it that the deceased informed her of the cause of their tragedies. 

3. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose


This bone dry cider is produced from 100 percent fresh-pressed apples in the heart of Sonoma. Almost Champagne-like, this juice is perfect for drinking at any time of day. 

2. Westin St. Francis


The Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula was built in 1911, It is a beautiful building, but it could be described as having a somewhat ugly past ,  One of the most well-known hot spots is Room 307, which is haunted by two ghosts, a cowboy known as Calvin and a prostitute.



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