Here we will provide you Some dirty facts and secrets about Florence Pugh. So please read Till the end.

She's Dating Zach Braff who is 46 year old right now.

Florence Pugh has Asthma that's why their family moved to Spain in hope of better climate contains.

The first award she won was the British Independent Film Award. Florence Pugh  won the Best Actress category for the film "Lady Macbeth"

Emma Stone would be her choice of co-star if she could choose just one.

She is a very good at singing and playing guitar. She was a YouTube before her acting career.

From the little women she won her first  nomination  in academy awards as"Best Supporting actress."

Florence Pugh Only have few mentors and her best one among them is Emma Thompson

Florence Pugh is terrible at math where as after her first movie she came to knew that she is good in Acting and can make a big future in it.

So these were some of the facts about Florence Pugh We hope you are happy after reading these all. For more